Commercial Inspections

We are one of a few inspectors that are trained and experienced in commercial inspections. These buildings are larger, more complex, and require a deeper knowledge of structure, roofs, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems. In contrast to residential, commercial inspections are performed to an ASTM standard and require substantially more time to complete. Our experience includes approximately 50-75 commercial inspections.


The biggest obstacle when inspecting apartments is getting inside each unit. Before the inspection, we will work with the current owner in providing us with complete access. If we cannot enter a unit(s) or you decide you do not want all units inspected, we will credit back a portion of our fee. Probably the biggest and most common concerns we look for are moisture damage, roof and mechanical system failures.

Small Buildings

These buildings are typically under 5,000 s.f. The smaller sized buildings would be like gas stations and store fronts with a small apartment. The larger sized buildings would include small office buildings, warehouses, and strip malls.

 $600-1,200 (A Drive-By & Final Estimate Will Be Provided)

Medium Buildings

We consider a medium building as having 5,000-10,000 s.f. These buildings are normally an industrial warehouse facility, 3 level office building, or a strip mall.

$1,200-2000 (A Drive-By & Final Estimate Will Be Provided)