Truth-in-Housing Resources

What is a Point-of-Sale Inspection?

Depending on the city, a point of sale inspection may be called truth-in-housing, time-of-sale, or code compliance. Each city that requires a point of sale inspection has passed an ordinance mandating that an evaluation be completed prior to putting a home up for sale. In most cities these evaluations are completed by certified or licensed independent home inspectors.

Am I Required to Have a Point-of-Sale Inspection?

If you want to sell a single family home, townhouse, condo or duplex…it is the law! There are no exceptions or exclusions, even in hardship cases or foreclosures.

Are All Inspectors the Same?

Each city will license or certify its approved evaluators. The evaluators will have passed an exam and provided the city with proof of insurance. Some evaluators will be licensed in one city, while others may be licensed in multiple cities.

After the Inspection

Important points you should be aware of once your inspection is complete.